Thrival Guide

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SBRG Mission Statement

To change the networking experience by providing business professionals the environment and tools to grow their businesses through long-lasting referral relationships, with a real-world attendance policy and no forced referrals.

Congratulations on your decision to grow your business through relationships in Small Business Referral Group (SBRG)! Networking can be a powerful tool for any business professional, and when done consistently and with purpose, it can transform the way you do business. We hope you agree with us that In Business, Relationships Do Matter, and it’s our purpose to give you access to the necessary tools and training to help you develop a steady stream of referral business from very strong business relationships.


  1. Look to Benefit Others First
  2. You Get Out What You Put In
  3. Always Be Improving
  4. In Business, Relationships Do Matter

In joining SBRG, you have made the commitment to grow your business and build relationships. Sometimes, even though you understand the importance of building and strengthening business relationships, what may be lacking is the methodology and mindset behind a successful, and more importantly, enjoyable networking experience. This Thrival Guide is designed to give you the tools you need to maximize your SBRG membership.

At SBRG, the recipe for success starts with a very simple, yet powerful question: What’s the 2-1-1? The 2-1-1 is a benchmark of trackable activity that directly correlates to the success you can have as a member. When you keep these simple guidelines in the front of your mind as you work in your business, the time you spend working on your business will be far more effective and profitable.

Before we get into the specifics of the 2-1-1, there is one concept that must be completely understood: You Get Out What You Put In. Or stated another way, you reap what you sow. The reason this is vital to understand is that relationships, especially business ones, take time and a concerted effort to start, grow, and maintain. Simply being a part of a business networking group doesn’t guarantee your success, but you can guarantee it by applying the 2-1-1 in a consistent, purposeful manner. Joining SBRG is a part of your marketing plan, and marketing takes resources. The resources required for business networking are time and focused effort. If you commit to focusing on the 2-1-1 for only two to three hours per week, your business will never be the same.


  • Bring 2 Guests Per Month
  • Provide 1 Referral Per Week
  • Have 1 Face-To-Face Per Week