Meet Our Marketing Experts and Business Leaders

Mission: To help more small businesses and entrepreneurs be more efficient with their marketing systems so can they can become a referable service to their clients and business community.

Our Marketing Experts and Business Leaders understand small business and entrepreneurship as they’ve been through the challenges of marketing and still built successful businesses. Gladly we volunteer our time to be a valuable resource to our 5 Star Community Members. We’re happy to share our own experiences in marketing from what we tried, to what works and what doesn’t.

5 Star’s Marketing Experts and Leaders have demonstrated their leadership in their own communities 10+ years and proud to have them in our sphere of influence.

Our experiences range from simple marketing to graphic design to branding to sales advisory, business coaching and business leadership to financial consulting.

Meet Your Community Marketing Leaders and Speakers

Chris Williams 2017 2CHRIS WILLIAMS | Serial-Entrepreneur | Marketing Strategist | Stand-Up Comedian/Producer | Author (in-progress)

Chris started his first business in June 2006 and has evolved three of his own companies using simple self-designed marketing strategies. His entrepreneurial journey continues in to profitable growth using the basics of marketing and sticking to his #1 marketing strategy and purpose to being in business.

Today, Chris brings back all his best “proven to work” marketing strategies to 5 Star Marketing Community along with other experts so together, they can help more businesses be more efficient with their marketing systems and be recognized as value to their clients.  Chris is excited to bring his new series of strategies to 5 Star Marketing Community called: “Oh My God it Works!” which delivers a bit of humor and takes the “guessing game” out of your next marketing strategy.


Melissa has been a self employed creative entrepreneur for over 15 years and absolutely loves working with other creatives to achieve their dreams.

With a background in photography and Instagram, she is able to keep up with the ever changing knowledge of the social media platforms. She launched her coaching business to share her knowledge and inspiring content. Melissa lives in Oceanside with her husband, step-daughter and 3 wiley cats. In her spare time she performs burlesque and loves to travel.


Dave is the author of The Balancing Act, available at select book stores and online at Barnes & Noble and He has been in the financial services industry for 15 years and has traveled across the country speaking to investment professionals as well as individual investors on topics ranging from market and economic trends to personal finance and budgeting strategies. Dave is here to help you identify your goals, make a plan, and act.


Barbara A. Ray (aka Barbie) is the owner and award-winning designer of Barbie Ray Designs, a graphic design company specializing in logo design, branding and print design.

With over 13 years’ experience in design, marketing, and brand development, Barbie believes design has the power to influence change. She uses design strategy to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations grow and make an impact in their community. She thrives on helping her clients make the RIGHT first impression.


Founder and CEO of Fab Fempreneurs, Sara Clark-Williams took the leap from her corporate job as an Organizational Development Consultant in 2008, growing two highly profitable businesses within 5 years.

Whether newer in business and needing to get momentum going, or more established and ready to shift into your next level, Sara has proven to create transformational results with her clients and community. When she is not doing business, you will find her hiking local trails, training for half marathons, supporting animal welfare organizations, sipping scotch, or finding the best burgers and tacos in San Diego, with her husband Chris.


Dub is an entrepreneur and business coach that believes in God and family first, supporting our military active duty and veterans, and has a passion for serving others. He lives in Oceanside, CA with his beautiful wife of over 28 years.

He knows how to turn rotting bananas into banana bread. (there’s a twist). With over 25 years in consulting and marketing in the hi-tech world, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience you can take to the bank! Through a proven system of servant leadership and techniques, he has mentored 1000’s globally, making a significant impact in their personal lives, businesses, and community – he truly has a passion to see people WIN!